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 Dogs owners frequently misunderstand or mismanage dog behavior issues. Perhaps you're new to dog management, thinking about obtaining a dog, or simply want to assist your dog with a problem. The cold breeze on their small faces as they stick their head out the window is the most enjoyable aspect of traveling in the automobile for most dogs. This is hazardous, despite how pleasant and energizing it feels. Cars did not have windshields in the "old" days, and their top speed was around 40 mph. The driver used safety goggles to cover their eyes at the time. Currently, we have windscreens to protect us from the weather, and we would never consider peering out the windows while driving.

It's a nasty habit to let your dog travel partner hang his head out the window while traveling. Many substances like dust, rock, grit, or heavy rainwater may give maximum loss to the vision of dogs. In many cases it damages the vision of dog and may cause the total vision loss. Pet eyeglasses are now available to help safeguard your dog from similar injuries...if you can get him to stop pawing them off. However, there are several more risks to allowing your dog to ride in the car with his nose out the window. Damage to your dog's ears is also a serious problem. When your dog's head is out the window, the wind causes his ears to flap. Irritation can be caused by his delicate earflaps fluttering constantly. Allowing your dog to stick his head out of the moving car may result in more catastrophic consequences. Dogs frequently fall out of windows or have their heads trapped in them. When you change direction too quickly or travel on a rough road, your dog may lose its equilibrium and tumble out the window.

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