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Dogs are the most loyal ones on the planet that we could’ve ever asked for. Their love for their owners is unconditional in every aspect. But to build a successful relationship with your four-legged friend to gain their trust. Dogs regard their owners in the same manner as children regard their parents. They will regularly glance at their owners and study their body language to figure out how to react to a new circumstance or person. The trusting relationship between a dog and its owner is a lovely thing that enhances both parties' life.

Unless you say, your dog will go to no one else, love no one else, or obey no one else if you have built a foundation of trust between you and your dog. In exchange, you shall care for, protect, feed, and bathe your dog so that he can have a long, healthy, and happy life. The foundation will deteriorate if you are unable to offer these essentials.

Yes, dogs trust their owners, but they will eventually cease thinking of you as an owner and start thinking of you as a kidnapper. There is no trust when the dog regards you as their captor.

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