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Healthy Ears = Happy Dog

Summer is a fantastic time to take your dog swimming, but did you know that even a harmless dip might cause your dog to get an ear infection? We consider your dog's ear to be its own "mini-environment." Rowing is a typical way for waters to enter the canal and upset the equilibrium, and this habitat readily disrupts. Heat, self-trauma (for example, itching from allergies), and foreign substances such as grass seeds can cause havoc. Unfortunately, germs and yeast enjoy the shift in habitat and multiply rapidly, leading to a very miserable ear canal and a sad and unpleasant dog.

Your dog's eyes, ears, lips, and total body language may indicate if they are afraid, angry, aggressive, or just plain pleased. It may be simpler than you think to learn to understand such indications. Furthermore, understanding their hunger, socializing preferences, sleeping patterns, and overall demeanor while they are with you may be beneficial. Please consult otolaryngologist veterinary in any case of emergency related to the dog’s ENT concerns.

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