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Healthy Eyes= Happy Dog

It would seem that the eyes are the portals to the soul & this is especially true for dogs, who can convey so much via their expressions in their eyes. And those eyes have gotten sharper and more vigilant as centuries of dogs have evolved into hunters, herders, and guardians. A happy dog is a beautiful dog with beautiful floppy ears, a charming pink tongue, and bright brown eyes that give you a big smile. With so much depending on them, they must stay healthy and brilliant. Begin by taking a close look. The eyes should be clear, with white around the eyeball.

It should note that, as with people, contaminants in the air might briefly collect around the eye and can quickly wash away, avoiding confusion with more problems. To provide a more thorough examination, softly roll your thumb along the lower eyelid and examine the lining. It should be bright pink. Please consult Ophthalmologist veterinary for injury or disease occur to your dog.

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