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How Dogs Watch TV

Dog owners frequently find their dogs engrossed in tv, computers, or iPads. But what's going on inside their dog's mind? Domestic dogs do prefer specific sights and movies, as evidenced by tracking their eyesight using methods like those used on humans.

Dogs, on the other hand, watch television in a different way than humans. Instead of sitting motionless, dogs will frequently approach the television to have a better look at it and will move back and forth between their master and the screen. Fundamentally, they are restless, interactive viewers. What dogs perceive on television differs from what people see. Dogs have stereo vision, which means they have two types of color sensor cells and can distinguish between blue and yellow light wavelengths. Color is highly essential to dogs in media, which is why DogTV, a dog television station, emphasizes these colors in its programming. Dogs' eyes are also more versatile, and veterinarians believe that the enhanced flickering rate that has resulted from the transition from standard to full HD television has enabled dogs to better comprehend information presented on television.

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