Enhance your mood
Dogs reduce anxiety, ameliorate stress They also help your body lower cortisol (bad mood chemical) and release serotonin (good mood chemical).
Fewer Alergies
A dog’s gotta walk, right? Dog owners, on the whole, tend to get out and exercise more than non-dog owners, and just 30 minutes of walking lowers the risk of many diseases.
Studies show that kids who grow up in homes with dogs are less likely to develop allergies.
In a study of 48 stockbrockers, those who interacted with dogs had significantly lower blood pressure in stressful situations.
Contribute to lower
blood pressure
Keeps you active
Better heart health
Dog owners have better recovery rates from heart attacks and a lower mortality rate from cardiac disease.
They can be therapy professionals
Partners in cancer research
Help lower cholesterol
A sense of community
Plenty of counselors use dogs in therapy, and there are lots of organizations who service dogs to help people with all kinds of disabilities.
Dog owners have better recovery rates from heart attacks and a lower mortality rate from cardiac disease.
There’s research being done for both human cancer and doggy cancer. Since dogs can get the same kinds of cancer we can, the research benefits everyone!
Dogs can help ADHD sufferers plan, focus, relieve
stress, exercise, release excess energy, and even fall asleep
Calm you down
Dogs can detect blood sugar crashes
Boost your dating life
Lend focus to folks
with ADHD
Petting a dog fights depression
Taking care of a pet releases both serotonin and dopamine, which helps combat depression. Plus, they’re just good listeners.
Pet owners love talking to each other, and dogs are great conversation starters. They can even help you get a date or two! This is great for shy or isolated folks.
Walking a dog is a lightly active weight-bearing activity, which helps strengthen both joints and muscles.
There are massive dog communities, like YouMustLoveDogsDating.com, specifically geared toward dog owners seeking other dog owners.
Sensory stimuli
for autistic children
Your personal heating pad
Outlet for arthritis
Sensory stimuli
for autistic children
Seizure alerters
Can detect cancer
Stronger immune systems
A friendly, loving dog can help an autistic child get used to feeling things against their skin. They can also give them something safe to focus on in overwhelming environments.
If your dog’s a cuddle bug, you can use her as a heat pad. In fact, in many places, dogs help provide relief from chronic pain with their natural body heat.
People with arthritis can benefit from light exercises, like tossing a Frisbee around with Fido. It’s also just a fun distraction.
Dog owners have better recovery rates from heart attacks and a lower mortality rate from cardiac disease.
One study showed that AIDS patients were significantly less likely to become depressed if they interacted with a dog on a regular basis.
Dogs can be trained to sniff out cancer in the same way they can be trained to sniff out drugs. One dog named Panda correctly identified 33 of 38 colorectal cancer cases.
Studies also show that children raised around dogs have higher levels of a few key immune chemicals, giving them strong immune systems.
Dogs can also be trained to bark if their owner is having a seizure; others are trained to buddy up and get super close to prevent injury.
Dog owners often have stronger bones
It usually takes some training, but some dogs can smell when their owner’s blood sugar begins to crash, alerting them that it’s time for a snack!

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Q: How did my dog get fleas or ticks?
A: Your dog may have gotten fleas from another infested animal or by wandering through high grass. The pests can either hop onto your animal or simply hide and wait in a brush until it is dislodged.

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adapted from The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)

Many parts of the country experience extremely cold weather that presents challenges for dog owners. Familiarity with cold weather health hazards can keep your pet safe while allowing both of you to enjoy the outdoors.

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