We're offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders (above $50) to the continental USA!
We're offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders (above $50) to the continental USA!

Technology: What Makes Zippy Unique?

Note: The Inner Shell is a feature of only certain suits (Cozy, Sparky, and Zippy). Read about the differences between the suits on the Dog Apparel page.

Note: Pant and Body Cords make our suits fully adjustable.

Note: Elastic Inserts make our suits comfortable for your dog and non-restrictive.


Safe: Fleas & Ticks

Anytime you go outside with your dog, even if only for a short walk, they are exposed to the opportunity for fleas and ticks to hop aboard. It is important to equip fido with a flea and tick preventative before going to the park (it is a lot easier to prevent ticks than it is to get rid of them). Dogs frequently come into contact with each other and with grass, shrubs, and bushes at parks. These are all places where fleas or ticks could be waiting to find a new host, in this case, your dog. It is important to check your dog for these unwelcomed guests frequently, especially after coming back from the dog park. Pay particular attention to the neck fur, abdomen, and arm pits of your friend, where fleas and ticks like to hide.  When suited up with Zippy Dynamics the space available for an unwanted visitor to latch onto is reduced significantly.


Clean: The Elements

Your dog doesn't like being washed and you don't like washing your dog. But your dog loves to play dirty while you like to live clean. Zippy Dynamics keeps your four-legged friend cleaner when coming back from your daily adventures. Besides for the sake of your own sanity, it is important to keep fido's fur clean for other reasons. Did you know that, unlike humans who absorb most environmental allergens through their noses and mouths, dogs tend to absorb allergens through their skin?  Dry itchy skin and fur is a problem for millions of dogs caused by both seasonal and non-seasonal factors. Our dog apparel keeps extreme cold, insects, particles, and moisture at bay, saving you time and energy every time you come home from a walk. Adjustable, full body coverage means your dog is ready for whatever is thrown at them. You'll know that when your four legged-friend is wearing Zippy Dynamics, they're shielded from cold, dirt, dust, sand, mud, snow, and water. That means less time struggling in the bath tub and more time exploring or relaxing.