We're offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders (above $50) to the continental USA!
We're offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders (above $50) to the continental USA!

Testimonials: Who's talking about Zippy?

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Renowned pet industry expert Charlotte Reed talks about Zippy Dynamics on the local Baltimore NBC Station! She talks about the various features in detail and the amazing chic design! "The suit keeps your dog warm while protecting them from the cold and the rain." -Charlotte Reed

"Truly 'luxury for your best friend.' It’s nicer than any windbreaker or track jacket I’ve ever owned personally, as it touts a soft, red-and-white-striped liner and durable fabric for the outer shell. There is only liner at the front and back areas where the legs meet the dog’s abdomen, which allows breathability and flexibility." -Slug Magazine

"These dog suits are sporty looking outfits that cover the majority of your dog’s body so their fur is protected from the elements. Plus, if you hike with your dog in the woods, this dog clothing will minimize the chance of a tick landing on your dog’s fur and latching on for the ride." -Katie Childers

"With these suits, even your dog will know you take fitness seriously. Dogs may not care what they wear while exercising, but that doesn't mean you don't have to. If your favorite fitness pal just happens to be your pup, then why not dress them up in their very own doggy jogging suit?" -SheKnows

"Straight out of New York (the fashion capital of North America), Zippy Dynamics is out to dress your dog like he just stepped off the runway. These adjustable and weather-resistant coats come in a range of styles, but all of them provide protection against seasonal elements." -PetGuide

"Do you have a hard time finding a cute and functional suit? I did, all last winter. So, I was thrilled when I found Zippy Dynamics. Yes, yes!!! Why two yes’ with three exclamation points? I checked out these suits and they are great-looking, with an impressive list of attributes. A win-win!" -Bark&Swagger

"Zippy Dynamics makes excellent dog coats. We were first attracted to them because of their sporty, modern style. We also loved the fact that their dog jackets don’t just cover the body/girth of the dog, but also the legs and arms. This is particularly helpful if your dog easily gets dirty, especially if they’re low to the ground." -DogSized

"The suit also has adjustable cords which make it easy to put on and provide a custom fit for the dog. Also they have elastic inserts to make it comfortable and give your dog free range of motion. So whether your pooch is swimming in a lake or digging in the dirt, they can be easily protected from ticks and getting all muddy." -PupStyle

"We’ve tried on a number of clothing products but we’ve never seen anything quite like this. This coat was made with all the bells and whistles needed for your dog to enjoy the outdoors no matter what time of the year. Zippy Dynamics, in my opinion, have made the only fully functional, stylish dog coat your dog will ever need." -Doggies&Stuff