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5 Benefits of Dog Clothing & Accessories

Just like people, dogs want to be comfortable and feel good. Dog clothing and the right accessories can achieve just that.

 It’s All About Comfort   You know your pups better than anyone. What might increase their level of comfort, elevate their happiness, and protect them from the elements?

 We’ve included five top benefits of dog clothing and accessories for your consideration. What’s missing from your doggy’s closet?

 Number One: Protect Against Wind

 While some dogs love to feel the breeze, not every dog is a fan of wind. Strong winds can spook them. To protect against forceful gusts and keep your canine calmer on windy walks, opt for a durable, protective vest that will not only keep your dog more comfortable, but will also keep dirt and bugs away.

 Number Two: Bundle Them Up

   Dogs still want to go outside on cold winter and fall days, but the low temperatures might make it risky for them. Keep them cozy and warm outdoors with a high-quality dog coat, parka, or body suit.

 Number Three: Protect from Rain

  Nature calls even when it’s raining. You probably have a raincoat for yourself. What about your dog? Keep your furry friend dry and comfortable on rainy walks with a protective raincoat designed just for dogs.

Be sure it’s made from water-proof material. Choose a raincoat with a hood to protect your dog’s sensitive head from the rain. For dogs who absolutely dislike rain, a sturdy doggie raincoat can make all the differ

 Number Four: Help Them Feel Safe

  Some dogs feel a level of fear, anxiety, or vulnerability when they go on outings. You can help your dog feel calm and safe through a soft vest that acts like a security blanket. Make sure it’s snug but still allows freedom of movement.

 Number Five: For Fun and Security!

   Accessories like extra-colorful leashes and bandannas can be a lot of fun, but they also serve a purpose. Colorful leashes are easier to spot by cyclists and drivers when you’re taking your dog on a walk. And colorful bandannas help you locate your doggo easily in crowded places, like dog parks.

 For the latest in dog clothing and accessories made from quality, durable materials, turn to Zippy Dynamics today!

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