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We never get tired of learning about dogs. The latest news.

Zippy Dynamics aims to provide dogs with protection and comfort all year round, from rainy summer days to frigid winter nights. When it comes to the owner, their convenience is of utmost importance to us. After a walk or play in the dirt, on the beach, wherever, the owner can rest assure that their dog will come home clean and dry.



There are multiple aspects behind the dog's disliking of water. One of the core reasons is its less exposure to the same. Additional dogs are freaked out by water because they don't like to get wet... read more



There's a lot to be ready for winter weather. But, just like we're affected by the cold, our dogs are too, specifically tiny and medium breeds that need clothing. So here are a few simple steps you... read more



Dogs seem to feel the smelliest smells and the muddiest puddles like bees to honey. It is incredible how quickly a dog can get dirty. But if you take care of your dogs daily and clean, it would eve... read more



Whether you buy a collar or harness for your dog for the first time or replace one that's wearing out, it's essential to understand that an assortment of collars and harnesses work for different do... read more



Dogs have many exercises and movements that make them happy, comfortable and enjoy doing it. It is simply a concern of sense, nature, and social preferences. So, although dogs love the amazing thin... read more



Dog adoption is the procedure of transferring responsibility for a dog previously owned by another person or shelter group. Some groups give adopters possession of the dog, while others use a guard... read more



Therapy Dogs are trained dogs, enormously skilled by experts for people’s support. These dogs are trained to accomplish their duties in retirement homes, hospitals, schools, and disaster areas. In ... read more



Service Dogs are trained to assist people with disability. These dogs are trained by their handlers or professional to deal with the affected people in various manner. These dogs are also known as ... read more



Rescue dogs are those highly trained by expert trainers to help rescue workers in their job. The rescue team’s job is to help the people in any dangerous situations as disaster, earthquake, plane c... read more



We've all heard the phrase "fighting like a cat and dog," but can dogs and cats actually get along? Friendships between dogs and cats can develop quickly. It is life experiences with members of oth... read more



Is it necessary for your dog to come to a halt and scratch the lawn after doing his business? While it may appear that he is acting strangely, he is methodically claiming his territory, letting all... read more



So you've just finished washing your adorable little munchkin and are going to get a towel to dry him off, but he's quick enough to shake himself dry. Have you ever wondered why your dog does this ... read more



Dogs are the most loyal ones on the planet that we could’ve ever asked for. Their love for their owners is unconditional in every aspect. But to build a successful relationship with your four-legge... read more



Dogs are, without a doubt, one of the sweetest pets on the earth. However, some of their conduct might be a little rough at times, but it's charming at the same time. One of them might be shaking t... read more



Morning treks with your energetic young one maybe both invigorating and relaxing. Your dog loves going for walks with you because it enjoys exploring the outside world. But why are they pulling on ... read more



Dogs, particularly pups, use their jaws to discover the world: thus seeking for and trying to pick up sticks is normal. Nature's dog toy is a stick. They come in various sizes, so no matter how big... read more



Biting is a dog's capacity to regulate the power with which he bites. While a puppy or dog hasn't acquired bite inhibition with men, he doesn't understand the delicacy of human flesh and bites too ... read more



Dogs lick or bite their paws for several reasons. Accidents, skin issues, ecological, parasites, or food sensitivities, as well as boredom or worry, are examples of these. Dogs lick their paws on p... read more


Why Does My Dog Scoot?

Many dog lovers might recall a dreadful experience. You are in your living room with a few visitors. When your dog begins shamelessly scooting their bottom across the floor in front of everyone. Sc... read more


Clean Up After Your Dog

Pick up after your dog isn't the most pleasurable task. Let's face it: it's revolting! It may be tempting to ignore this chore, but doing so is not only terrible for the environment and public heal... read more



Housebreaking your dog or puppy takes time, dedication, and a great deal of consistency. Accidents are unavoidable throughout the house-training procedure, but by following some simple house-traini... read more


Healthy Teeth= Happy Dog

Our dentist continually tells us how essential it is to take care of our teeth, and most of us don't think of leaving home in the morning or tucking ourselves into bed every night without first bru... read more


Healthy Eyes= Happy Dog

It would seem that the eyes are the portals to the soul & this is especially true for dogs, who can convey so much via their expressions in their eyes. And those eyes have gotten sharper and mo... read more


Healthy Ears = Happy Dog

Summer is a fantastic time to take your dog swimming, but did you know that even a harmless dip might cause your dog to get an ear infection? We consider your dog's ear to be its own "mini-environm... read more


Dog’s Facial Muscles

According to the researchers, domestication changed the structure of dogs' facial muscles interact with humans. Dogs can lift the inner brow intensely, but wolves cannot, and behavioral evidence su... read more


Wolf Became Dog

Long before your four-legged best buddy learned to retrieve tennis balls or watch sports from the couch, his predecessors were wild creatures competing with us, often violently. So, how has this co... read more


Benefits of Having a Dog

Most dog owners are aware of the immediate benefits of sharing their lives with companion animals.  However, We are ignorant of the physical and mental health advantages that may come along with th... read more


The Importance of Dog’s socializing

Veterinarians and animal behaviorists alike suggest that your puppy be socialized from a young age to assist you & your dog live a happy life together.  Socialization teaches your dog how to re... read more


Do Dogs Dream?

You may have questioned if your dog is dreaming if you've ever noticed them twitching, chattering, or moving their paws while sleeping. Yes, it is correct. Dogs have dreams, too. As a result, scien... read more


The importance of water among Dogs

A well-hydrated dog requires water balance. Water ejected from a dog's body via urine, panting & feces must be balanced by water intake. It's a balancing act, particularly since dogs' water res... read more


Dogs Truly Love Us

Dogs are our closest companions. They're the ideal companions: devoted, cheerful, mutually respectful, and attractive to boot. So, it's quite apparent why humans adore them, but why do dogs return ... read more


How Dogs Watch TV

Dog owners frequently find their dogs engrossed in tv, computers, or iPads. But what's going on inside their dog's mind? Domestic dogs do prefer specific sights and movies, as evidenced by tracking... read more



 Dogs owners frequently misunderstand or mismanage dog behavior issues. Perhaps you're new to dog management, thinking about obtaining a dog, or simply want to assist your dog with a problem. The c... read more



Hugging is a natural way for us to demonstrate our love for those we care about, but hugs aren't always reciprocated when it comes to our animal family members. Although humans connect hugs with lo... read more



Memory and sense of time are intertwined. This is why people with dementia frequently have a skewed sense of time. Animals' memory is considered to be considerably simpler than human memory, and do... read more



Training a dog is an important aspect of having one, and it may begin at any age. Training boosts self-esteem, stimulates the mind, and enhances the human-animal relationship. Dogs are continuously... read more



Like us humans, dogs are prone to experience separation anxiety when their favorite companion leaves them for a while. One of the most common characteristics of dogs when experiencing separation an... read more



How Often to Bathe Your Dog? Washing your pup can be messy and time-consuming. However, regular bathing is essential for removing dirt or debris buildup and preventing skin conditions from developi... read more


5 Benefits of Dog Clothing & Accessories

Just like people, dogs want to be comfortable and feel good. Dog clothing and the right accessories can achieve just that.  It’s All About Comfort   You know your pups better than anyone. What migh... read more

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