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Housebreaking your dog or puppy takes time, dedication, and a great deal of consistency. Accidents are unavoidable throughout the house-training procedure, but by following some simple house-training principles, you can get the new member of your family on the right road.

Puppies thrive on a consistent routine. The timetable teaches them that there are times when they should eat, times when they should play, and times when they should do their duty. A puppy's bladder management typically improves by one hour each month of age. So, if your dog is two months old, they can hold it for around two hours. They are more likely to have an accident if they spend longer than this between restroom trips.

Take your puppies outdoors at least once every two hours, and shortly after they wake up, both during play and after eating. Choose an outside restroom and carry your dog (on a leash) there every time. Utilize a  term or phrase when your puppy is releasing themselves that you can ultimately use before they go to remind them what to do. After they have gone, take them for a stroll or some playing. Praise your pet every time they eliminate outside. Praise or offer goodies, but remember to do it just after they've done it, not after they've returned inside. This stage is critical because praising your dog for going outside is the key to success.

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