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Travel with your dog

Planning a trip is stressful, no matter the circumstances. You have a whole new list of things to worry about when you want to include the family pet in your plans, including packing the right equipment. Checking your hotel's pet policy, make sure your pet meets the travel criteria for the state or country you're visiting because traveling with your pet isn't easy. Traveling with your dog every other day gradually increases the duration of a journey. Usually, a single month is enough time for your pet to adapt to road trips. But it would be finest if you carried cute dog clothes with you while planning any trip. Below are some guidelines to keep your pets safe as you travel locally or abroad.

Safety Precautions

When you are traveling with your four-legged friend, you should consider the following safety precautions:

  • Healthy pets may require various items before flying or on road trips. Your vet can help you determine which further steps to take. If you have a planned trip with an airline, health certifications are required for airline travel.
  • Food may not be available at grocery and supply stores along your route, so bring enough to last the duration of your journey.
  • Some airlines allow you to bring your dog into the cabin; some don't. Likewise, not all airlines have the same records for safely transporting dogs who travel in shipment. Before traveling, be sure you've done your homework and are satisfied with your decision.
  • You should have a dog raincoat with a hood if you plan to travel anywhere in the winter season.


Make sure your dog has a sturdy dog harness leash and collar. ID tags and implanted microchips are two ways to ensure that runaway pets can be identified and helped to find their way back to the owner. The dog collar should have identification tags with the dog's name, your name, home phone number, and proof of rabies shots. It doesn't hurt to carry around a photograph of your pet, making it easier for others to identify your dog.


A crate is perfect for keeping your furry friend safe in the car and is required for airline travel. It can also keep your dog from getting into trouble in a hotel. When you travel by car, keep water inside the crate and allow for some breaks during the trip for a good stretch. If your pet becomes carsick along the way, take along some ice cubes in the cooler with you – not only will it help hydrate your dog, but it will divert him from his auto-induced dizziness.

Road travel trips for every dog owner

The attraction of the open road is especially tempting right now, but while fun, longer road trips in a car with your dog can also be challenging. When you're on a road trip with your dog, you'll have to plan around their wants—and that means pulling over for potty breaks and exercise. Consider trying behavioral training techniques if you know that your dog is particularly anxious during car rides. Before moving on a long road trip with your dog, take some fast practice trips that end in positive experiences. To make the journey easier for you and your dog, you will need to keep your dog entertained and engaged. Schedule all main meals at least 3-4 hours before your next long drive. When going on a road trip with your dog, check with your vet to ensure they don't suggest a pre-departure visit. Suppose you plan for the winter road trip. Packing the right gear for a winter road trip is important. You should both have warm boots and dog jackets for winter so that your dog feels a sense of comfort and security.

Flying with your Dog

Most airline companies only allow one or two dogs on each flight, so reserve your dog's ticket early. We suggest calling the airline directly to ensure a "seat" available for your dog. Airlines make it clear that the dog owner's responsibility is to verify their health and ability to fly. Ask your veterinarian if it would be most suitable for your dog to be tranquilized for the trip. In winter trips, pass during the day to ensure the warmest temperatures for your doggy in the travel hold and get some dog full body coats. Book a direct flight to avoid rarer stops, and disturbances mean less stress for you and your dog.

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