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How Often to Bathe Your Dog?

Washing your pup can be messy and time-consuming. However, regular bathing is essential for removing dirt or debris buildup and preventing skin conditions from developing.

It's essential to not over-bathe your dog,

which can lead to skin dryness, discomfort, and itching.  be sure to give your pup plenty of praise and treats when it's time for a little grooming!

Washing your dog too often (on a weekly or even biweekly schedule) can strip their skin of oils, damage hair follicles, increase risk of bacterial or fungal infections, and disrupt natural insulation. When you bathe dogs, depending on the soap, you’re leaching the oil out of the fur which gives them their normal defenses against the world.

How Much Is Too Much?

If you're curious about how frequently you should be bathing your dog, know that excessive bathing can actually harm your pet. If you must bathe your dog more frequently than once a month or so, be sure to use a moisturizing dog shampoo or follow up with a moisturizing dog conditioner that can help replenish your pet's natural moisture. 

Dog owners who suffer from allergies might be tempted to combat the problem by bathing their dogs more often to wash away dander. 

Zippy Dynamics dog apparel (especially full body suits)  can help you to keep your dog clean and substantially reduce bathing frequencies.

If you're still not sure how often you should bathe your pup, ask your veterinarian.





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