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Small and Big dogs can get along beautifully and can be seen while sharing same beds too. However, as with all doggy bedfellows, you mustn't show favoritism and try to evade situations that can lead to resource protection.

The size of dogs can be as little as 1.5 kgs and as large as 75 kgs. With such considerable contrasts in size, the small dogs tend to be at a penalty, whether they're trying to experience group play. However, big and small dogs can have fun, enriching relationships with safety precautions in place.

Meeting Dogs Of Distinct Sizes

Take cautiousness around small and big dogs that you don’t know, it doesn’t matter if the dog is larger or smaller. Just let your dog off-lead if you can oversee them closely and recall them away from dogs with which they cannot safely interact. On-lead greetings can be scarier than off-lead greetings because the dogs may sense entrapped because they cannot get away with such type of interactions.

Encouraging Safe Play Habits

When large and small dogs plays together, you will notice that the bigger always used to provide space to their little buddies. At some place you will also notice the bigger dogs kneeling down towards their little companions to let them feel reachable and equal. Play fighting is normal, even if it's noisy. Just see that both dogs are comfortable and energized, and neither dog is actively trying to get away. Try to appreciate your dog in different ways when you notice them performing and playing in disciplined manner.

According to research:

  • According to recent findings by market research on the U.S. pet industry, U.S. pet owners increasingly prefer smaller dogs in terms of size.
  • For the first time in 2010, there were as many households in the U.S. with small dogs as there were with large dogs while a very fewer household were convinced to have medium sized dogs as their pets.
  • A recent pet owner survey indicates that a higher percentage of U.S. households have small dogs (under 25 lbs.) than large dogs (40+ lbs.), respectively.

Here are a few brief facts on the study:

Results show that men and young people prefer bigger dogs

  • Both men and women are happier owning big dog breeds rather than small dogs.
  • Younger men are more likely to have bigger dogs as their pet-member in the family.
  • More aged people (around 70 years old) are equally comfortable with any size dog
  • People who own multiple dogs of different sizes always used to prefer big dogs.

According to a recent international survey, dog owners are more pleased while owning larger dogs instead of smaller dogs.

The study, conducted online by RightPet from 2010 to 2018, in it they conducted a  survey for dog breed reviews from 12,167 pet owners from 106 countries. Seventy-five percent of the reviews were purebred dogs; 25 percent were mixed breeds. It means that the people who are real pet lovers always prefer to have a purebred dog rather than having mix-breed dogs in their families.

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