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We've all heard the phrase "fighting like a cat and dog," but can dogs and cats actually get along? Friendships between dogs and cats can develop quickly. It is life experiences with members of other species that define how cats and dogs feel about each other, not inborn enmity.

The first meeting sets the tone for the dog/cat relationship's future concerns. Both species communicate through body language, and because they "talk" in different ways, misinterpretations can put a relationship on the wrong foot from the start, depending on who says what to whom! Dogs live in packs. They appreciate being around other people, whether it's their family, other dogs, or even cats. Cats are loners, as many owners are aware. They enjoy spending time with their family and playing with other cats, but they also prefer going off on their own. Cats have their own set of rules.

Individual animals do, of course, have personalities, but it's no coincidence that hundreds of cartoons and movies have been based on the antics of cats and dogs who share a home. These two, in our experience, do not get along, but while they may never be best friends, they can learn to tolerate one other and perhaps even strike a truce so that everyone can live in peace.


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