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Rescue dogs are those highly trained by expert trainers to help rescue workers in their job. The rescue team’s job is to help the people in any dangerous situations as disaster, earthquake, plane crash, explosive blast, etc. Because there would be certain situations with the rescue people, sometimes they cannot go through various dangerous conditions. Therefore, they need the help of highly trained dogs so that their rescue mission accomplishes properly.

Rescue survivors comprise many responsive operations that usually include helping the folks in trouble because rescue is all about taking rapid actions or moving forward to save precious lives. Furthermore, rescue dogs are also on the top page when it comes to rescuing operations. Multiple tragic situations went back on that module; rescue dogs play a vital role in performing great jobs. Two (2) real-world examples are mentioned below that how rescue dogs fulfill their responsibilities & duties;


The above picture shows that once upon a time, there was a plane crash site in Greenland; A Cadaver Rescue Dog was visible along with the rescue people busy searching for humans to rescue them.

 When it comes to the accomplishment of dangerous tasks, so rescue dogs are always on the top page to fulfill their responsibilities in society when trouble is observed; in the above picture, a rescue dog is visible to fulfill its duty when the Twin Towers center was destroyed in 9/11 terror attack. Rescue dogs were there on the top buildings for the rescue operation.

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