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You can have a pet dog and cat under your roof, not just tolerating each other but enjoying interacting and being part of the one family. Can cats and dogs live together peacefully?” One of the greatest myths we’ve adopted is that dogs and cats are mortal enemies incapable of living comfortably with each other.

On the contrary, dogs and cats can become friends and forge strong relationships. Suppose they are properly socialized and have complementary personalities. Remember, though, that both types of pets are territorial and have different communication methods. That may impact their behavior. In addition, it may take time for dogs and cats, who have never met, to acclimate to each other.

Are Cats and dogs natural enemies that can never get along?

Dogs and cats are incredibly different beings. With dogs seemingly more social and cats withdrawn and disinterested. It means that you spend a lot of time together, and it’s only natural to have clashes. Combating like cats and dogs” is a common phrase that people use to mean people argue, fight, or don’t get along. You will get many opinions on the topic if you observe felines and pooches or ask people who own cats and dogs. Of course, cats and dogs will fight from time to time. There is no doubt that dogs will chase cats and maybe even injure them if given a chance.

However, people who own dogs and cats will also tell you that they can freely be trained to get along. Many will show you that canines and felines can play together and even sleep curled up together.

The most cat-friendly dog breeds

You’ve spent days researching the designer dog clothes and most comfortable bed, window-shopped for the latest must-have dog accessories like designer dog collars and playthings. Ready to choose your new best companion. But something stands in your way. Brave you to bring one of those muddy pets into its kingdom. But, of course, you don’t want to get this wrong. So, it would help you learn about dog and cat compatibility quickly.


Beagles are famed for their laid-back personality and are likely to regard your puss as part of their pack. However, they can become bored and dangerous if left to their devices. So, a feline might be a good calming impact.

Border Terrier

These neglected, cheeky dogs make a great contrast looks-wise to sleek, smart cats. And personality-wise, they should rub along well. Unfortunately, they require a lot of exercise, so if you’re used to letting your cat take it out for walks. At the same time, you sit on the couch. You’ll have to adapt your pet-parenting pretty fast.


What’s not to love about these low-slung, loving animals? Cat will agree because Corgis do make perfect family pets. They’re smart, trainable, and adaptable to many living circumstances – including homes with other pets like a cat. But for a considerable, outdoorsy family with plenty of space, they make an alert guard animal and loving pet.

Introduce dogs and cats carefully

Separate the house first so the newcomer can become trained with their surroundings before introducing them to each other. You can swap a blanket or bed between the two places so that one becomes used to the scent of the other. Before the first meeting, play with both of your pets, and take your dog for a long walk to tired them out and make them less excitable.

Make sure the dog harness leash is attached to the dog while walking. The objective of the first meet-up is to keep both pets relaxed, separated safely, and in a good mood (food helps!). Therefore, the first meeting should be short — no more than a few minutes – and then they should get introduced in their particular manner.

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