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Dogs and puppies are among the most loving and friendly animals you will ever have as pets. Although your love for them is not bound to come individually, you may make them wear the best dog raincoat to make your companion enjoy the rain without fear of sickness and illness.

Loving your dog is normal, but not everyone enjoys "kisses" from their canine companions. Most pet owners believe their dogs lick them to indicate affection, but why do dogs lick people in the first place? Does it signify anything differently if your dog kisses your face, hands, ears, or feet?


Dogs have an instinct to lick. Recent research shows that licking releases endorphins in a dog's brain. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that calm and relax canines (and humans). Of course, if your puppy wears luxury dog clothes, there's a possibility he might start liking you out of love. Still, there are many reasons why dogs lick people, including affection, communication, grooming, exploration, and attention.


Dogs learn that their tongues are valuable for talking and interacting with their surroundings at a very young age. As soon as their pups are born, mother dogs lick them to clean and stimulate them. Mother dogs lick pups within the first few weeks of their life to encourage them to pee and defecate. Puppy wild dogs lick their elders to show submissiveness and stimulate regurgitation of food eaten by the older pack members while hunting. Puppies lick each other to express affection and comfort themselves and their littermates.


A Canine's sense of smell is enhanced by licking. Therefore, dogs can experience bitter, salty, sweet, and sour tastes like humans. Still, due to their limited number of taste buds, they rely on their sense of smell far more than taste when picking something to lick or eat, which is likely why dogs prefer licking the parts of our bodies with strong flavors and scents, such as our faces, ears, feet, and hands.


You touch everything with your hands, and your dog wants in on the fun! On any given day, your hands pick up smells and taste that your dog wants to inspect once you get home. You are likely to make physical contact with other people or animals. Apart from your hands, your face is the part of your body exposed to the world the most. You're also likely to touch your face frequently, which gives your dog even more reasons to lick your face. Licking your face is likely an innate action for your dog, apart from its odors and flavors. A dog can smell and taste all kinds of appealing scents and flavors on your lips and tongue, thanks to the food you eat, which might explain why some pups want to land a slobbery kiss directly on your lips. Make your canine wear a dog harness leash to show care for him.


The apocrine glands in your ear canals emit a viscous fluid that combines with the microorganisms on your skin to produce an odor. As a result, your ears provide a variety of appealing aromas and flavors when combined with the ceruminous glands that produce earwax. As if that weren't enough, dogs lick one other's ears to express affection, so your dog may be licking your ears out of pure devotion.


If you are out of the shower, your canine dog wearing cute dog clothes may want to lick the water droplets off your skin. They may not be thirsty, but they will be intrigued by the smells and tastes you bring out of the shower. Even though your dog is drawn to various odors, the reason they lick you is most likely to express appreciation for their favorite person.

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