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Dogs are, without a doubt, one of the sweetest pets on the earth. However, some of their conduct might be a little rough at times, but it's charming at the same time. One of them might be shaking their toys. Have you ever wondered why dogs shake their toys so much?

Wolves, a wild animal that hunts down other animals for sustenance, are the ancestors of dogs. So the next time your little one shakes its toy, it's conceivable that it's imitating what other wild animals do when they kill their prey. Dogs, on the other hand, shake their toys to destroy them when bored or agitated, and most of them do so to demonstrate their hostility. However, your dog may be just having a good time shaking its toy.

Since a result, it is usual and natural for dogs to shake their toys, but you must constantly be on the lookout for symptoms of aggressiveness, as these indicators require expert intervention or risk catastrophic repercussions.

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