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Therapy Dogs are trained dogs, enormously skilled by experts for people’s support. These dogs are trained to accomplish their duties in retirement homes, hospitals, schools, and disaster areas. In addition, these kinds of Dogs can deal with different people as they are trained to assist specific patients with their daily physical needs.

Therapy dogs are usually not service or assistance dogs, but their specialization in different organizations can make them one or both.


Types Of Therapy Dogs:

The types of Therapy dogs are categorized into three main classifications, which are briefly explained below;

Therapeutic visitation dogs- This is one of the most common types of Therapy Dogs. As these dogs are household dogs, their owners take them towards the hospital or nursing homes to visit patients for voluntary work. Through encouragement and specialization, these dogs are primarily used to improve the mental health of patients.

Animal-assisted therapy dogs- Another type of Therapy dog used to mentally encourage the patients to polish their skills as they aid services in the recovery process of different patients.

Facility therapy dog- The last type of Therapy Dog contains those dogs who have handlers and visit the patients in nursing homes to help them get rid of various diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and other mental illnesses.


Numerous examinations endanger therapy dogs to certify that they are suitable for the job. These examinations look at their capability to chunk out interruptions, relief level around a variety of folks with many different debilities, and if they are securely able to walk over many different grounds.

Experts know that how to care for and train the animals as Therapy dogs support with self-assurance, aid with hopelessness and assist with repossession from post-traumatic stress illness.

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