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Service Dogs are trained to assist people with disability. These dogs are trained by their handlers or professional to deal with the affected people in various manner. These dogs are also known as Assistance Dogs.

Service Dogs have usually been trained by contributors and others who then companied an incapacitated individual with a skilled Pet; the dog has accomplished its training program roughly at the age of two (2). Progressively, more spiked people are self-training their service dogs.


Types Of Service Dogs

These dogs are classified into two main types, which are mentioned below;


Assistance Dogs- These dogs are highly trained to perform some professional tasks as assistants to deal with different suffering people & assist them with disabilities. These dogs help take care of those people who cannot handle their daily usage routines as laundry and others, so these dogs provide services to them help them do their specific tasks.


Facility dogs- Another type is facility dogs; these dogs can be used for professional tasks to help people do their specific broad tasks, also help them keep their legal system having a professional profile.

These dogs have completed their training by canine specialists or by their holder for a period of eighteen (18) to (24) months, and they must have to pass challenging tests before proceeding from an assistance dog society.


These dogs grow with the assistive strength because, during their training, they face many challenges and are then qualified to the progressive level. These dogs are trained by highly professional experts or their owners who are expertise all the legalization process. It's also essential to observe data to think about their training decorum as they get trained through passing into several stages. The process is complex, but it's legally authorized to train the dogs so that they can help the disabled or other needy people who need assistants.

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